Paintings on fragments of old fence panel

Ancient Fresco style, recycled from paper and clay

Bead and Necklace making courses

Bead and Necklace making Day Courses in Warwickshire Village

When I moved from New York to Leamington Spa I really didn’t know anyone and was looking for drawing and painting classes.

I ended up doing a beadmaking course with Eleanor Allitt, and spent the day making beads, painting them and making necklaces with a group of fantastic women. We laughed, joked, and created together, and I felt at home.

Love putting different colours and textures together? Arranging a collection of handmade beads makes a great opportunity to do this, and to create a unique necklace, perhaps earrings as well. The idea for these beads has been inspired by ancient beads seen at the British Museum.


The basic material is paper pulp which is remarkably tough and versatile, easy to shape, takes paint well, and responds to many processes. I am interested in age-old beads and their connection with people and lives long passed.


This workshop will seek to recreate that ancient long lost treasure effect that is so appealing. Bring old egg boxes, a kitchen sieve and a small saucepan. If you have some old beads you might like to include, bring those along too. Suitable for all abilities. Wear old clothes.

Take home a beautiful necklace you have made.

I also run birthday/celebration workshops, for small groups, for 2 hours.  Dates to suit you.

Time : 10:30am – 4pm Small groups 4-5

Dates : Saturdays 10th October 2020, 17th October 2020, 7th November 2020, 14th November 2020

Cost : £60 per head including delicious homecooked lunch.

ELEANOR ALLITT 2 New Cottages, Village Street, Offchurch, Leamington Spa, CV33 9AP

Bookings: eleanorallitt18@gmail.com See also my entry in www.craftcourses.com

Email me for availability and I will be in touch.

Parking outside my cottage in Village Street.

Some examples of Necklaces, and bracelets made by students on a day course.

Students are always amazed and delighted by what they produce, here are a few examples.

In my opinion the course had the wow factor! Do not hesitate to book. I spent a wonderful day learning a new skill and left feeling so inspired, taking home a beautiful necklace and earrings. Eleanor was so attentive and patient, providing clear instructions and help, shared all her tips….

I am absolutely amazed at what I have produced.