Paintings on fragments of old fence panel

Ancient Fresco style, recycled from paper and clay

Eleanor Allitt Necklaces

My necklaces all carry my unique mark 


My necklaces are inspired by the ancient beads on show at the British Museum. The intention is to make each bead look like an ancient well-worn discovery. These beads are to me like a glimpse into how people lived many centuries ago.

I am interested in that which is lost, obscured, veiled, from an age long ago. The beads could even look as if they have recently been excavated from an ancient tomb. Flecks of gold glimmer through the dusty neutral shades, could this be buried treasure? Occasionally some brighter colours and patches of gold emerge.


Each bead is unique in that it is hand made. The basic material is paper fibre. I love it because it is so tough and versatile; it takes paint well, and responds to tumbling to produce just the distressed effect I am looking for. The beads go through many processes in order to resemble that age-old buried treasure look. Each necklace is different and unique.

I always like wearing your necklace

People always ask me where can they buy them.

I’ve had so many compliments about your necklace.

Even chickens like wearing them.

Each necklace has its own individual combination of colours and textures, no two are the same.

Places that stock my necklaces

Here on this website, and …

Royal Pump Rooms, Leamington Spa

Primavera, Kings Parade, Cambridge

Bleddfa Art Centre, Bleddfa, Knighton

Whichford Pottery, Shipston-on-Stour

My necklaces are also available at Etsy.

Look up ‘ancienttreasureshop’ to see a wide range of my work, and a recent addition which is birthday card pebbles.

These are handmade ‘pebbles’ inscribed with ‘Celebrating your one wild and precious life’ on the front and personalised with the recipient’s name on the back.

Necklaces with Handmade Silver clasps and Links Length 18”

Blue, Black, dark

Pebbles on the beach
Copper Warm 1

Granite white pearl*

Caerulean silver white
Windswept Tree Pendant
Charcoal chestnut
Cobalt black silver

Necklaces threaded on elastic (easy to put on). Length 18” or a little bit more

Checkmate torn
Elephant gold
Earth soft
Mixed treasures
Spring fresh
Poppy red
Cinnamon grey
Turkish delight
Mixed coral black & white

Mini Necklaces threaded on Leather

Leather Charcoal and Black
Leather Sky Blue

To purchase

Send me an email stating which necklace(s) you would like, and I will send it, usually within 3 days. If it is sold, I will make you one very similar.


Necklaces with Silver Clasps £35. (Those with * are £45)
Necklaces on elastic £30. Mini necklaces on leather £25

Postage : UK £3.50
International : Royal Mail Standard £4.50

Feedback : I love to hear your thoughts when you receive your purchase. If there is anything which is not satisfactory I will put it right. Do please send me an email.