Paintings on fragments of old fence panel

Ancient Fresco style, recycled from paper and clay

I studied textile design at the Central School of Art and Design, as it was called then.

I was always inspired by how colours react with each other, and also loved texture, particularly in nature. I spent some time working in Edward Bawden’s studio, doing lino-cuts, and was also taught by Cecil Colins. After graduation I designed for various companies, including Liberty’s and Jacqmar. Later this developed into interior design, using stencils to decorate numerous private houses as well as hotels and cafes.

I also became interested in storytelling which provided a doorway into illustration, leading to several publications, and the formation of ‘Painted Stories’ a service which provides limited edition prints for hospitals and hospices.

Here are a couple of details from some of these prints. See www.paintedstories

‘ An Ancient Story about the Healing Power of Music’

– How Hermes stole his brother Apollo’s Cows.

Researching at the British Museum for these stories I visited the Middle Eastern section, and was much taken by the ancient necklaces on show there. These inspired the development of a range of necklaces made from eggboxes presently in progress. I also run bead and necklace making courses – see courses section.

Something from Nothing

It is very satisfying to make something beautiful from waste materials, so I am drawn to using discarded materials. My beads are based on paper pulp sourced from eggboxes. I am also developing a range of beads made from beer cans.

I love textures in nature, and always have an eye for the many wonders I see on my many walks near where I live.


This quote hangs in my studio.